Question on how big you can make your map

I’m trying to make a map as big as I can, and for a few months or so, i’ve been working on one that was huge, but it never compiled right. I asked a freind eventually and he said that there’s a buffer ammount of space that you need to pu tin, and the value he gave me was somethign around 325(?). I tried that (which was annoying and hard to resize the map) and it wasn’t working anyway.

Does anyone know of the minimum space i need to keep from the end of the grid in order for my map to compile right?

1024 units in all directions is a safe bet. 512 is a bare minimum.

-_- awe man…that means i’ll have to make my map even smaller…this is annoying…oh well i guess it’s my fault for not asking the experts anyway =/

Are you saying Metallics isnt an expert?

I think he means before making his map.

you would be correct. believe me I’m too much of a noob to insult anyone when it comes to hammer XD. not to mention i like everyone’s ideas for maps anyway

30720x30720x30720, don’t expect it to compile in a day if you want to make it free roam though, usually you don’t need that much height space anyways.

yeah i didn’t put to much for one of my maps, but the other one is kinda free build and I’ll probably need a lot of space for rocket build XD
thanks for the specific dimensions =D

u can make it as big as u can… doesnt mean u can play it though hehe :slight_smile:

There was a hack a while back to speed up the compiling of big maps, but only if they’re mostly empty.

-_- man the 30720 dimension is a bit small for my map,…hold on let me check something…checks something…ok i was looking at the map I based my map a little bit on (Harbor2Ocean) and there are many squares that cover the entire map, and the whole map is larger than the map is right now, after i made it a bit smaller.
the squares are made up of thin rectangles that has nodraw on one side and area portals on the other side. How does this work, and could I apply this to my map to make it work?

If you concentrate really really hard, and pray while doing it (Pooping is normal)

Your dream of big maps might come true!

why do i have a feeling that quote was originally form a disney movie, and you just edited it heavily?

Haha, No. I just sort-of had it in my head for some reason when I read this title…


func_viscluster should help out when compiling the open area. Just make a brush the size of the open space with the trigger texture and then ctrl-T and type func_viscluster.

Beware when using func_viscluster - it can be a blessing and a curse. Blessing being your compile time, curse being ingame performance.

Why do you need a map that big anyway? Flatgrass is huge enough for building and that was only about a quarter of the grid.

it’s basically i huge ocean, with two bases, and I want people to get lost XD that is, as longe as someone can in a ep2 map ocean