Question on How Facepunch will Handle Assets

So it’s no secret that the Garry’s Mod workshop is full of hundreds or even thousands of addons that either use or are just straight up ports of models and textures from other games. It’s been stated that S&box won’t launch with the Alyx assets bundled, but that brings up the question: how will Facepunch handle user-submitted addons containing assets from other games or media?
Will someone be able to upload an Alyx content pack for others to use in their maps/game-modes? Or how about a model pack containing, say, Spartan models taken straight from Halo? Will these kinds of things be allowed as they have been for Gmod, or will they be pruned?


It’ll very likely be the same as gmod
It’s technically not allowed on the workshop. But no-one gives a shit unless someone complains to facepunch.

I assume they won’t entirely care too much unless a DMCA/Suit comes from it. I’d avoid using assets that aren’t yours to begin with, learn how to make anything you want and or buy it. You’ll feel way more accomplished/satisfied.

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I’ve also wondered about this. Because I have a lot of maps I’ve been making in the HLA Hammer tools and I’ve been told I will have to texture them all again or start from scratch because HLA asset’s won’t launch with S&Box

This is correct.

S&Box is not launching with Alyx’s content and you’ll either have to retexture or risk someone reporting your content with mounted Alyx. I imagine everything will function as it did in Garry’s Mod where your uploads are your responsibility and it can be taken down at the request of a copyright holder.

Garry mentioned a potential Alyx content addon, but has not stated anything since as the talks haven’t happened or the idea was scrapped; I assume it was scrapped.