Question on playing Co-op modes in Modded maps

I’m trying to figure out how to play gmod mods such as gm-scream and other scary maps on co-op. I’ve seen people playing them cooperatively on youtube all the time, i just don’t understand how they are doing it. Any help would be great.

I just made my friend buy 3 products to play together and we can’t figure out how to get in the same game… Joining on steam doesn’t work.

You need to acquire a server. There are many ways, and many people will tell you them. You don’t need it for this.

Look up how to create a garry’s mod listen server. Follow the instructions, and use this thread for help if you need it.

Thanks a lot. i didn’t know you needed a server…

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The problem with Gmod, is there is only a server browser, the guide says to click start multiplayer, or create server. those options don’t show up in gmod… :frowning:

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Also, If someone wanted to join my IP, there is no option to do so…

Tell the other player to open their console using “`” and have them type “connect <Your IP>”


thanks ill try

Also make sure that you have port 27015 forwarded to your local IP address on both TCP and UDP and that your friend is connecting via external IP Address.