Question on RP Gamemodes

I’ve recently purchased a 32 Slot server that I plan to put an RP gamemode on.

Which is the best RP gamemode, available to me?

I am capable of MySQL and other necessities, so consider that as well.

Also, if you believe I shouldn’t have an RP gamemode, post telling me what gamemode I should have, other than sandbox.

Two issues I may need help with.
• DarkRP 2.3.7 - Can’t get menu to work, otherwise only problem is me being afraid of having to come on every 30 mins to ban someone who’s DMing.

• CakescriptG2 - Couldn’t even figure out how this worked, opening and navigating the menu (tabs didn’t work), etc.

About any RP is good except for DarkRP. What’d be better is if you make your own custom RP, not some cheap edit by the way.

Try GModRP, it’s pretty fun.

Slob is going to remake it soon too :dance:

Also fishing should be implemented soon so yay.


DarkRP is probably one of the best casual roleplay scripts, but there are a bajillion servers with it so you probably won’t get much traffic with it.

Re-read the OP.

DarkRP i going to be the easiest to start with is your a new server owner and you can learn from all the code if you start editing it

Cakescript is good but it has a fe bugs and flaws that you would need to fix or wait for G3

GmodRP is fun but has its limitations you would be better reading the thread on this for a in-depth explanation

Or make your own either using one of hese as a base ad editing and creating new features or start from scratch




Small kid strikes again fail…

Use tacoscript

If he can’t figure out DarkRP, GL with that. Not to mention the constant trolls he’d get. There’s a reason no one’s hosting PERP except me.

Recruit Admins.

Correction: Recruit GOOD admins.