Question on the menu derma

Hello everyone !

I have a quick question about a menu.
Would you tell me what I should use panel for the menu that is in the picture below ?

Thank you in advance: D

You’re gonna have to be more specific. There are many types of panels that are in that menu.

Exactly, I want to know what 's to be used please.

Well a lot of it is whited out. I’m guessing the squares on the left are DImages, the bars to the right of it are DLabels, and the square even further right is a DButton. Those are probably in a DPanel, and the DPanels are in a DScrollPanel. The model on the right is a DModelPanel, and I’m guessing that’s a DLabel below that. The whole menu is contained in a DFrame.

Okey thanks you men.

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Made in , when going on a DPanel the player model changes, how can I do this?


If you need more info about DModelPanel, here you have the wiki page with all the details: