question on using func_push

How do i you the func_push? When ever i make it it does not work. here is what i do:

  1. Select the func texture and create a block, the hight of the character (68 units i belive?) and width, from one wall to another
  2. Press CRTL + T, select func_push from the drop down menu
  3. Change the direction and speed setttings
  4. Compile it
  5. Fails to work in testing
    Can someone tell me how to use the func_push function!

check flags tab and the push strength settings.


And how it fails would be helpful.

I will try what you said
also by failed i mean, it just does nothing, as if there was no func_push plock there

Yes but the point is… for example if you want to push the player, you will need to open the flags tab and check “Client” or if you want physic objects (props) check “physic props” or something like that.
If you still have trouble with it I can upload an example.

It’s probably because func_push doesn’t exist.

It’s trigger_push , use that (haha, func_push i lol’d)

Isn’t it trigger_push or something?

Trigger_push and on “Flags” tick “Clients”.

Hope this helps.

U have to set push direction and if u want it to push u to up, then u have to set power of push more than 350

head desk
Right now i’ve got it working, thanks :slight_smile: