Question or request.

Hi. I have a Question: Is there any model of naked male? I’m looking for a model of naked male, may be without a dick. Only body! If it exists, can someone give me a link?
If there is no model, anyone can create it?



well there is a naked sim male and naked tf2 models. thats all i know of though

actualy go with the sims naked male it dosent have a panis

Yeah, but he have a terrible face, body and doesn’t have a “little” muscles. I’m looking for more human model, :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks anyway.

wasn’t there a nude ellis model somewhere?

Hehehe. Nice model. Thanks :smiley:
I search the forum once again. Maybe I will find him.
I will not be assumed a new topic, I will ask this question here: I looking for some models of Excella too, not nude. Excella in evening dress, that would be cool. Excella has a very pretty face.