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Hello there,

Recently i’ve heard about Garry’s Mod 13 (Beta), And the only way to get it was a beta key, So basicly my friend own a copy of Garry’s Mod but i do not, my friend used his account to get a beta key, and he gave me the key, i activated it on my steam account, and now i have Garry’s Mod 13.

My question is, when Garry’s Mod 13 get officialy released and pass the Beta stage, will i loose my Garry’s Mod beta? And what about my friend, will he loose the Garry’s mod 12 aswell?
I hope you take time and answer me and i hope you understand what I’m saying, pardon me for my bad english.


  • Oussama

P.S. What in the bloody hell is OIFY?

I assume he gets updated to 13 on release and your beta will become expired.

His current GMod version will just get fully updated to 13.
Nothing to worry about.

What about mine?

When Gmod 13 is released, gmod 12 is replaced by gmod 13 for everyone.

I hope so.

regarding what is OIFY

That link should answer everything.