Question: Port Forwarding

I want to run a Garry’s mod server but I dont now which ports I should forward? I couldn’t find any good Tutorial. I you now please reply.


UDP & TCP 27005 - 27005
UDP & UDP 27015 - 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)


TCP 27030 - 27039
UDP 1200 - 1200 (Steam Friends Network)
UDP 27000 - 27015 (Gameport)

UDP 27020
TCP 27000 to 27050

Um google helps a lot… go there, find your router and forward the ports for steam server.

I already now how i have to forward my ports but not which ones.

P.S. im also running a TeamSpeak 2 server

Port 27015 buddy.

When i only open port 27015 it wont work

Someone Said i should open:
UDP 27015
TCP 27002
TCP 27001
TCP 27003
UDP 27016

and that didn’t work

I run a Gmod server… Ports I have forwarded:


TCP 27005 - 27005
UDP 27005 - 27005
TCP 27015 - 27015
UDP 27015 - 27015

HL2:(I think their needed as well)

TCP 27030 - 27039
UDP 1200 - 1200
UDP 27000 - 27015

If your router allows a both option for tcp and udp just put in 27005 to 27050, this will cover all the ports for all the games and only takes up one spot.


Yeah here are the ports you need:
UDP 1200 (Steam Friends Network)
UDP 27000 to 27015 (Gameport)
UDP 27020
TCP 27000 to 27050
TCP 27015 (SRCDS Rcon port)

Is there a difference between a Dedicated server and a server you start inside gmod?

if u can go to port range fowarding forward 27010-27020 i use a linksys-n that has port range forwarding
Also use bothe Udp/Tcp

Yes, the one’s you start INSIDE gmod are Listen servers (in the list, servers with an ‘(L)’ in front of the gamemode are listen servers).

Listen servers also crash if your game crashes, whereas a dedicated will stay up even if your game crashes.