[Question] Porting models from L4D2 to CS:S

I would like some help getting models from L4D2 into my SourceSDK so i can use them for a CS:S map, is it even possible?

Just rate it dumb all you want becouse i know thats what i deserve to get rated :frowning:

anyway thanks to everyone who helps me !

Why would one rate it dumb? The modeling section isn’t even for Garry’s Mod anymore I believe, considering that it was placed in the “Valve Games and Mods” section. So I don’t see why someone would rate it dumb, unless if you have tons of people who hate you, then I see why.

well to me it just seems like quite a dumb threat to make :slight_smile: but i really need some help here to get the models “transfered” over to CS:S