Question re: Loading single-player save files in Multiplayer?

Hi all,

I’ve been lurking around here and am relatively new to the Gmod community. I recently designed some stuff in gm_construct using just props and whatnot, in single player mode. I’ve been saving my progress as well.

Now I’d like to play with my friends in that same map, but with all the stuff that I have already created and saved from the single player mode. Can I do that? Can I simply load that save file, then have my friend join me via my IP address? I already have all the appropriate ports forwarded, sv_lan 0, heartbeat 1, etc. taken care of.

Thanks in advance for the help!


Wait, I just found some threads on my question. Thanks anyway!


Still doesn’t make much sense though, after reading the threads. It sounds like there’s no way one can simply duplicate what he/she designed in a given map (say, gm_construct) in singleplayer, and have those exact same props and designs replicated in a multiplayer setting with other players.

I mean that’s one of the main reasons I got Gmod, was that so I can build something by myself for days (in gm_construct), then invite friends online to play in it afterwards.

Why isn’t this do-able? From a programming standpoint this seems like a reasonable feature.

Looks like Advanced Duplicator is the answer, but to rope every single little thing together (I made hundreds of props etc.) seem like an awful lot of manual labor! :smiley: Wish there was another way… sigh…