Question regarding a MySQL Gamemode.

I was bored today and thought about converting DarkRP to use a MySQL database.

Purpose is so run multiple servers sharing the same SQL database and for php output pages for money stats etc.

But then I remembered I hate MySQL and was thinking of making a gamemode in fretta. From what I understand so far Fretta would be great for a simple RP gamemode.

Anyway my question is:

How unstable or stable would it be if you where to use a MySQL database for an RP gamemode.

I’ve played around with Gmod and using an MySQL connecting via GM_MySQL addon. But I am not sure how unstable this would make the server.

If you code it right, it wouldn’t make the server any more unstable then it was without sql.

So tempting …

The current way, using files, i think is very very ugly. one file for every steamid i mean COME ON!

What’s wrong with that?

And it’s UniqueID not steamid.

Not much; but isn’t flat-file slower than MySQL?

No. Of course not.

MySQL is single file based, meaning the more data in there the slower it will be.

With flat files it’s a lot quicker because it dosn’t have to filter out all the other crap.

Where the hell is the quote button …


Not sure that’s how it works iRzilla…

You don’t have to read records 1-10000 to read record 10001 for example.

I’m tempted to try this, but I am rather lazy…


wait, 1 file for each player? What are you on about ?

The current method is using an SQLite database.

Somebody mentioned flat file based saving so don’t have a go at me.

It still takes longer to process through a MYSQL database then reading a single file.