Question regarding console commands / hud removal

I was wondering if somehow via console commands we could remove the HUD to take screenshots? I’ve gotten some really nice views in the game and want to be able to take some screenshots without the hud getting in the way.

Also, what other console commands are there besides suicide and actor/camera ones to go in 3rd person?

Have a screenshot of something I want to see without the hud.

Try to spawnkill me now, raiders!

Yes we seen that picture in about 4 other threads, we get it. You glitched someway up there to live ontop of fire pits. Personally I think the fire pits need to be looked at, the way they are able to be placed in air and on window sills is kind a silly.

What’s the command to go third person, anyway?

Actually it was just in one other thread. They’re only be able to placed in air when you reach a certain height, same with storage boxes. Storage boxes cost resources though.

[editline]12th September 2013[/editline] I think. it’s in another thread somewhere and I searched for it.

Stacking campfires etc is fixed, will be up in the next update :slight_smile:

Speaking of campfires, I found out some time ago that you can make infinite camp fires by crafting them, placing them down and taking out the 5 wood.