Question regarding de-compiling.

Okay, so I found a couple of neat mods for G-mod, and I wanted to de-compile them for other uses. How do I do that with the modern formats?


can you give a bit more info like what format are they now and what format you want to convert them to

Okay. More info: I already have crowbar, and it works like a bleeding charm. :slight_smile: What I’m looking for I suppose is the location Gmod mods are downloaded to as well as how to get them out of their in-game format to be able to use Gmod. I’d read that they were in an archived format, so…

you should find them in the addons folder with a file extention of .gma , in steamapps\common\GarrysMod\bin you should find a program caled gmad.exe which you use to extract them if there server side mods you might find them in steamapps\common\GarrysMod\GarrysMod\downloads/server again in .gma format

Oh hey! Sweet! Also, nothing in server, it was in Addons.

EDIT: Whenever I drag a GMA onto Gmad, it goes down. Anything up with that? Also, where should it export to?

It will extract everything into addons folder

Or use Gmad Extractor

Yup! I got it under control. :slight_smile: Thanks!