Question Regarding Direction of Game

Hey, everyone.

I haven’t played in a while, but I have kept pretty up to date on the going-ons of things (and am excited for when I have time to start playing again). I’ve had a somewhat speculative question on my mind (or, better yet, one that a developer could answer directly). When I played, eople who were good at FPS games would have a huge advantage in Rust. It was very PvP-CounterStrike-ish focused. I’ve always hoped Rust would become more centered on survival (against the wild, etc.) rather than blatant offense and shootouts.

Will Rust eventually be more survival? Is that something in the workings—or is the current state of the game (in terms of what kind of game it is) how it’ll be?

(The question’s a bit vague; I’d be happy to be more specific for anyone who cares, but I figured it’s understandable enough.)

hopefully but atm its uncertain of what direction the game is going in

I’m not a developer, but I think the intimidate focus was (it might still be) to bring the game to ‘baseline’ functionality. Essentially having most, if not all of the features legacy had. Of course this iteration of Rust is different as several core mechanics have been changed already.

rust being pvp-counterstrike was fun, now is boring, 0 action

I think if you want a FPS, go play a FPS and stop asking for a survival and resourcing game to be like [insert generic FPS name here]. I digress, I think this game is a rather poor FPS, which is okay, its not meant to be a FPS and I hope the developers understand this, which I think they do.


I think the only game comparable to this game and its genre is Grand Theft Auto.

Here you go, from garry.