Question Regarding MYSQL, MYSQLOO and Pointshop

So the server I am a part of has officially gathered enough funds to buy another server slot for our second game mode, the only issue is that after setting up our MySQL and MySQLOO the items and points that players had on our TTT server is not transferring over to our new prophunt server.
Would this be an issue regarding the Pointshop to server Synchronization?
We have contacted our Server provider but they are not being very helpful, any information you can provide me with would be EXTREMELY helpful.
Thank you so much in advance, Michael (Castiel)

Are you getting any errors in console? You might have mis-spelt some information.

This error is repeating itself
“PointShop MySQL: Query Failed: Table ‘motionlessgc1_pointshop.pointshop_data’ doesn’t exist ( SELECT *
FROM pointshop_data
WHERE uniqueid = ‘2928574467’

Okay. In other words, in can’t retrieve that data from the table “pointshop_data” because it doesn’t exist.

Are you using the same database for both servers? Are you using the same prefix?

Sorry I’m not that literate when it comes to MySQL, what would the prefix be?
It’s all on the same database that is allowing external connections?

Let me quickly go through a few things:

  1. Are both servers connecting to the same IP address?

  2. Are both servers using the same username and password?

  3. Are both servers connecting to the database called “motionlessgc1_pointshop”?

Thank you so much for being patient with me Feldma.

  1. Yes both servers are connecting to our ip “
  2. Yes both servers are using the same username and password.
  3. Yes both servers are connecting to the same database.

Hmm, that’s interesting.

According to the error, the table doesn’t exist. Could you post the file with all the mysql details on it? (Just the database name, really.)

If you want more than just the DB name and port let me know and I’ll grab those for you.

local mysql_database = ‘motionlessgc1_pointshop’ – Your MySQL database.
local mysql_port = 3306 – Your MySQL port. Most likely is 3306.

Now in the log it is telling us that we connect to the pointshop MySQL and then proceedes to print the following error.
PointShop MySQL: Query Failed: Table ‘motionlessgc1_pointshop.pointshop_data’ doesn’t exist ( INSERT INTO pointshop_data (uniqueid, points, items)
VALUES (‘2928574467’, ‘150’, '
points = VALUES(points)

Once again acting like the database does not exist?

You’ve set MySQL up for both servers, right?

Yes we have set them both up to MYSQL.

On TTT, does the pointshop work?

Have you run

INSERT INTO `pointshop_data` SELECT `pointshop_points`.`uniqueid`, `points`, `items` FROM `pointshop_points` INNER JOIN `pointshop_items` ON `pointshop_items`.`uniqueid` = `pointshop_points`.`uniqueid`

on the database?

Yes we’re running that in the database, and now the database is trying to copy points from one to the other, but fails and gives this error.

What’s the database prefix?