Question regarding .RES files and Resource.AddFile.

What Do I need help with ?:
Well I kinda need a program that will generate a .lua script of files I select in a GUI setup. If there is any I would use it. My current program I use Resource Generator 2 generates .res files and I need help where do I put it where does it go what does it do ? I need a better and more efficent way to set this up for autoDL.

Have you looked everywhere ?:
Yes , I used google for one hour looking for a answer most are related to goldsource and HL1.

Anyway if you can help me ! ,

What actually do you need? Maybe we could get an alternate solution for ya if you tell us.

I need a application that is capable of generating a clean .lua file that will allow me to control a selection of files and basically generate it.

Kogitsune’s Resource file generator can generate Lua files (according to the thread on the first page).

That is what I am using however it generates .res files when I use it.

Explain here please. Should it create a table of files in some directory or what?

According to Kogitsune’s response to your post in that thread, there is an option to generate Lua files.

It generates scripts by default unless you check the Map Mode checkbox.

Alright thanks