Question regarding ropes.

So, I’m using a move_rope entity (called rope). The keyframe it is connected to is called rope1.
I added a func_physbox and parented it to rope1, but it seems I don’t find out why my parented stuff always fall on the ground and the rope gets as long as it needs to reach the floor.

I’m trying to do an hanging light, I’m basically using a func_physbox where I parented a prop_dynamic and a light_dynamic to it. But no matter what I do, my stuff always fall on the ground and doesn’t hang.

Halp :<

Phys_lengthconstraint is used to constrain things, ropes are purely visual.

Thanks ! Worked perfectly.
I guess it’s always time for learning ^^

Yes it is! [tab]In the encyclopedia sticky[/tab]

Ahh, I’m happy he was banned. I suspect this could be him, or someone else. I’m not sure.