Question regarding S&Box

How often do people get accepted into the developer build? I have many ideas for things to make, and I’d love to try it out on there. I’ve since my first post learnt a LOT about the engine and also found out neat tricks and ways to improve.
I hope someone could help out with this :slight_smile:

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You aren’t really accepted, you’re invited


Hope to get invited and before then be patient and keep learning


tbh not often you will see loads of people atm getting keys, really notable creators on here can get them ((emphasis on can get them, not will, but maybe can)), but other random people can also get them, you have to be invited, making and showing off stuff wont get you a key either, could help, but if you are gonna make stuff, do it because you are making stuff for what you want, and not to try get a key, since its wasting time trying to get a key from random stuff, might aswell use that effort for stuff you want to make instead.
i think its betters to wait for release and make stuff preparing for it,
maybe you could get a key if you get lucky and invited but dont expect or wait for a key, thats where you will become like certain people who are going bonkers about not having a key expecting they should have one.


This has been asked and answered so many times. My first suggestion would be to read the posts that have been posted first. The fact that you haven’t paid attention doesn’t give you a higher chance of getting in. Otherwise @NotGaylien summed it up pretty well.


In that case i’ll still make stuff since I’d love to eventually be making maps for S&Box, no matter how long it takes before we all get to use it.