Question regarding server back-ups

Hey all, I have my own server in rust and I use filezilla to back it up.
My question is, If I download a copy of the map and blueprints from the server to my computer (a backup) do I have to shut down the server every time?
I did this the first month but people on the server are starting to be annoyed because of it.
The info on tells me to shut down the server, which I understand if you upload something to the server, but is it really needed when downloading?

thanks in advance,



Depends, if you’re simply copying/downloading files from the server or even uploading you shouldn’t need to turn it off.

I’ve run a modded server for around 6 months all up (stopped for a few months, then recently started it back up) and I do backups while it’s still running, and I even upload new plugins while it’s still running and have never noticed anything weird or even a slight performance drop at all. You should be fine.