Question Regarding Server Wipes

I’ve been playing on the Facepunch Texas II server and from what I have heard and been told the server wipes once a month on the seventh of every month. Now what I am wondering is, do you keep the blueprint plans that you have learned through the server wipe and just the map gets wiped or does everything get wiped (blueprint plans, bases, map, etc.) ?

It depends on the server owner. They can choose to - or not to - wipe the bp’s whenever they want.
But sometimes the game requires the servers to wipe even the bp’s, which happens every 2-3 months from what I’ve understood.

Servers don’t wipe every 7th of a month, every first thursday of a month is a forced wipe.

There are also server owners that wipe more often but the official servers do it monthly.

However, reading your thread for the second time…

Who knows with the official servers? Is there even anyone you can contact? o.O
Bp wipe might be or not be the same as forced wipe on official server. I myself have no idea since I wouldn’t ruin my rust experience by joining those god awful servers.

Ah alright. It’s my first time playing Rust (roughly 30 hrs so far) and I have played on this server for the entirety of my Rust experience. Since you say this server is god awful (considering I haven’t experienced many servers I can’t really compare it to anything), what server would you recommend I play on?

Rustafied is “official” and they just went back to 1 week wipes.
They say switching to 2 week wipes made the servers run like ass.
So now imagine the monthly wipe servers lol.

Yeah, with official I meant the facepunch servers.