Question regarding suspensions and wobble.

For the last couple of days I have tried to get rid of stupidly crazy wobble on my cars at high speeds. Bare in mind that I am not a very good builder (I consider myself OK).

What I use for my cars is ACF engines and gearboxes, MakeSpherical wheels and just recently started to use this suspension tutorial (I used Mr. White’s suspension tut previously):

I have tried to fiddle around with almost everything (weight, elastics, weight distribution etc.) but I still get terrible wobble from side to side at high speeds. I hope that one of the builders here can help me with this as I got seriously frustrated.

One thing I have noticed though, the wobble usually comes at 76 KM/H. Dunno why.

I’ve experienced this problem as well when using MakeSpherical wheels. As far as I can tell, the center of mass of the sprung weight relative to the center of mass of the unsprung weight is a key factor to preventing wobble, but I’m not sure if there are any other factors to it.

Well, that’s a start at least. I am going to try and fiddle around with it tomorrow I guess, as it is 1 AM here right now. Thanks though, I appreciate your help.

Sometimes, my stuff wobbles too. 3 things to do / check,

  1. Where is the mass on the wheel? MakeSpherical can be a tad bithcy on where it places the sphere, so if most of the sphere is on one side of the wheel, keep the big outside outwards.
  2. Keep the weight on the wheels high. The weight of my wheels are always 100 - 200. On my Willy’s Jeep, I had 100 on the frontwheels and 200 on the rear wheels.
  3. Use physprop_jeeptire on the rearwheels and the rearwheels ONLY. This has to be the best way I have found to get rid of wobble. That and weight on wheels.

I have tried to use your methods, while balancing unsprung/sprung weight and it actually worked.

I think it had something to do with the fact that the sprung mass of my cars was gigantic comparing to the unsprung mass. I have also tried to use jeep tires but I don’t see the difference between using jalopy and jeep tires.

Anyway, thanks for your tips guys, appreciate it.

The best thing you can do when using “Wheel2/makespherical” is to get the center of gravity of the whole vehicle as low down as possible. No matter what type of vehicle.

I usually weigh the wheels from 20 - 50 and also keep the mass of the whole vehicle under 800 kg…