Question regarding the creation of VTF files

I understand that when creating the VTF and VMT files they need to share the name used in the material tab in Blender and that the VMT needs to have a path linking to the VTF file inside it.

However, with the model I am working on, the material tab contains several cases where the same texture sheet is used for different parts, what should I do in this situation? Should I create multiple VTF’s of the same texture sheet but with a different name to match each part used in the model?

Also, any way of finding how the texture sheets are used in Blender? Since I am unsure what some of them do, they are small textures, with an 8x8 resolution to the standard of 512x512.


Only the VMTs has to have the same name. They can all just point to the same VTF.

So if I understand this correctly, then it will go something like this:

The Uncompiled texture is called headset.png
In blender this is used for 3 materials called HS_gloss, HS_matt and HS_metal.

So, does the VTF need to be called headset.VTF or HS_metal.VTF?

I will then need three VMT’s called HS_gloss, HS_matt and HS_metal. These VMT’s will all contain the path for this one VTF file.

You could name the texture file my_giant_purple_dragon_dildo.vtf, and it’d still work fine, so long as the material files hs_gloss.vmt, hs_matt.vmt, and hs_metal.vmt all point to my_giant_purple_dragon_dildo.vtf as their $basetexture.

This is very helpful, thank you.

One last thing, If I remember correctly either crowbar compiler or the workshop uploader will not upload files with capital letters in them. If some of my textures have capitals in them should I change their name inside blender or are they not case sensitive and I can just simply change them in my materials folder?