Question regarding timelapses


So I was wondering: how do they do it? Like you have a video of a certain spot, changing with every frame with new changes made by the level designer. How do you make it so that you always have the same points of view when making screenshots of your level? Is there some kind of camera entity you could set your vision to or something else that can get you in a fixed position?

I’d like to know how to do this without making use of spawnpoint as the fixed position.

Thanks :wink:

You can set up a point_devshot_camera

Or type “getpos” into the console and save the position/angle it spits out, then just paste it into the console each map update and take a screenshot.

However this is a little more tedious than point_devshot_camera.

Thanks for the help, I’ll go with the entity as it is possible to change the FOV for those difficult angle shots :slight_smile: