Question regarding uninstallation

So I installed Garry’s Mod again because someone told me I could use it as a model viewer for a map (since the Source SDK model viewer doesn’t seem to open maps). I didn’t seem to see that features so I just goofed around and then decided to uninstall again.

I notice mt SSD’s storage is nearly full, it seems Gmod left all the .gcf files from other random source games behind. I’ve deleted most of it, but I want to know if I got it all.

Is there an option in Gmod to delete all the other content it installed?

Maps are not models. The “feature” is that you make a map, compile it and then load it in Gmod. If you want to take a look at uncompiled map (.vmf) then you need to use Valve Hammer Editor.

go to programfiles/steam/steamapps/username and delete the garrysmod folder to fully remove garrysmod

If you want to open bsp maps, you can’t, but you can decompile them. Find out how by viewing the video below

Remember that stealing other people’s work is frowned upon, and is bannable on and Facepunch

Along with that, decompiling is likely to cause a lot of map problems that can be difficult to fix. Decompiling is for seeing how things were made and for seeing how different inputs and outputs were done, and not for copying and pasting parts of the map into a new one.

Yeah I just want it to take screenshots within a map, thanks for the above, I’ll rate your comments.