Question regarding visual's for gmod.

Hey, I’m working on a team deathmatch kind of gamemode for gmod as a starter project. As of now, when you kill an enemy player, the server uses chat.AddText and it displays “you killed <playernamehere>”, that kind of thing. I wanted to make a better design as the way I am doing it now will clog up the server chat.

How would I use the vgui library to make a DPanel that pops up for only a few seconds and says +100xp or something, would I even be able to make this type of system using vgui?

Aside that, my question is would I even use vgui?

I hope I didn’t sound like a complete idiot and that I’ve explained my situation well enough.

Use This, there are 2 options, text or material on it

THIS, this is exactly what I was looking for!

Thought So :zoid:
Well Enjoy!

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