Question / Request: Huge room maps

Hey gang,

As of late I am playing on a very fun server which is always open to new suggestions. We had a little talk about times past and thought of the first edited maps for Unreal Tournament GOTY… back when we had dial-up. :smiley:
I recalled maps with spectacular (for that time, at least), huge rooms like a bathroom, bedroom, livingroom etc… where you would be the size of an ant compared to the room. It was loads of fun… so I wondered if there is any map like that out there for Gmod.
I’ve looked for a while but I can’t really find one. Either I’m not looking in the right places or this might actually be a fun topic to make a map about… I pondered the idea of making such a map myself but A) I generally suck at technical stuff, and B) the harsh life of grownups limits my time to actually try and make something like this.

My question / request, summarized, is as follows:

Would any of you know any maps like I suggested (can be sh*tty-looking, it’s the fun factor I’m looking for :slight_smile: ), or would any of you be interested in picking up this cup and trying your hand at making such a map?
If I may be bold, preferrably the maps would be minigames like hide and seek or quick-frag… or something like that… but I’m happy with anything you guys might turn up with.

Thanks in advance! :dance:

These might be what you are looking for.

You sir, are a god. Thank you! :smiley: