Question/Request I guess.

Is there a way to create models and port/rig them up for SFM quickly and/or at least easily without having to waste hours having to get used to Blender and all of the other programs other people use? I’ve been kind of thinking of making my own, but from what I’ve seen, it’s hard and takes a while.

In case your wondering what exactly I’m considering on making, I was thinking of making a sort of 3D/SFM version of these: (a creature/species from one of my deviantART friend’s Halo comics)

and (the buff dude, which is technically a friend’s friend(?)'s depiction of Chief unarmored. imayormaynothaveaweirdobsessionwithhimhahaHA-)

Anyways; basically I’m wondering if someone can either make these for me or can point me in the right direction for doing this sort of thing fast.
(And if you DO end up deciding to make either of these I’d ask that Chief be made in some sort of TF2-y style, yknow? Just out of personal preference.)

But hey, it’s up to you whether you actually want to help me, do this for me or just…I dunno. I don’t wanna force you and the only real payment I can offer is art and SFM posters. :v

Nope. You’re going to have to learn a 3D editor no matter what. Blender is popular with beginners but I recommend 3DS Max if you can get it.

Begging people to do stuff for you won’t get you very far.

Hm. Understandable.