Question/Request: Rigging Imperial Guard

( The Imperial Guard models from this thread —> <— )

   Hi. For the past week I've been trying to figure out how to rig ragdolls to playermodels. I had somewhat progress, I got the female to move with the cs_urban reference skeleton in the XSI mod tool. But the model just gets messed up if I move anything besides the body or legs. I don't really have alot of time to re-learn rigging in Max or Maya, so I've come here as my last option.

  First off, any big pointers on Source-specific, even Gmod specific, conversion, would be great. A link or just a tidbit of tricks you use, would be great. I'm not completely oblivious to modelling, I just don't know how to use 2011 Max/Maya ( Only learned 2010, took a break for a year due to not having it ) as well as I did previous versions, and XSI is completely alien.

 Otherwise, I'll just hire someone to help/do it. Payment of course. But I only want that as a last resort, as it seems I'm missing a few small things in the rig process.


Tools available: Maya, Max, Blender, XSI 2011, XSi 6.01 Valve Mod Tools

I’d strongly recommend you use the female and male bipeds as opposed to male biped for both.

that would make sense.