[QUESTION] Steam buy Rust from Garry

Title: Is it True?

Some friends told me that Steam bought Rust because Garry was broken. This happend some days ago when the errors of face_punch started to happen.

Someone can tell me anything?

I… don’t think I understand what you are saying

i dunno what he even means

Garry was on crack? That doesn’t sound like him.

I will try to explain it:

I understand that Steam has bought Rust, so, is not anymore from Garry.

The question is quite easy :S

I am just asking if is it true or not, or if you know something related to what I am talking.

I guess garry cracked or something? Like he did some crack and went on a drug binge? :v:

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No, that is incorrect. Steam is not even a company, Steam is the proprietary software from Valve Software.

Hahahah wrong word, I wanted to use broken xDDDDD

Garry was broken? ;_; we better send him get well soon cards!

Lol I don’t know if he realizes that Garry is actually a person. xD

Translation: Some friends told me that Steam bought Rust from Garry because hes broke and has no money. This happend because people stopped buying it because of all the facepunch errors.

I hope you do know that steam is software right and not a company?

Not him as person… his company (facepunch maybe?) =x

Garry is broken guys, we need to fix Garry.

Here is a video of garry saying something about Rust :S

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dam troll

Lololol, servers are off I am bored :x

Ok, seriously, look at this http://clip2net.com/s/6tHoRP

We must save garry, guise!
Operation: Garry Newman

[Patent Pending, Game in early alpha]

thats a good song

omg lol

Took me 6 hours in mspaint