Question to Garry/FP on short term direction of Rust

I am expecting that Rust will be eventually a great game. I have no complaints, and see the weekly progress being made.

However, I also see the current state of Rust 2.0, and so have a question for Garry and/or Facepunch staff:

**How much of a priority is it to get the game into a basic, game-like state? How important is it to you (Facepunch) to try to quickly make the game more fun for players. **This would include giving us a better base locking system, and bringing combat to a better level.

I also know there are a ton of other, more pressing issues right now, such as the DDOS attacks, the trees problem (memory leak), and the problems preventing some players from even playing. BUT I would love to know if it is important to you as a group of developers to try in the short term to improve some basic gameplay features so the game will be more fun.

Obviously in the long term you must want to improve all these parts of the game. But I don’t know if fixing them soon is important, or if adding other new features, even when systems like the key system is causing a lot of complaints, is acceptable.

Again, no complaints. Thanks for the work on the game. Lastly, obviously I am hoping that you (FP) will try to improve some basic game features soon, like keys and combat, so the game will be more fun while we wait for more improvements.

I hope someone from FP will at least post that they read this. But an actual answer would be even better.

I think a lot of players would like to know FP’s priorities, and if they are going to try to fix the basic gameplay features soon or not.

Go to > development > trello (sign in with google and you can view it)

There are four main pages with all kinds of stuff, priorities and such.


Go to > development > @rustupdates and you can see the stuff they update in real time.

For crying out loud, their website has resources for you to look at…how much information do you need? They are pretty much showing you the entire process of development.

You completely missed the point. There are a ton of things on the trello, and Garry brought up blueprints in the steam store recently.

So I am asking about their short-term priorities, and if fixing the basic game play features, like locking doors and combat, are a priority for them. The trello and dev blogs do not answer that. How concerned are they about giving us, in the short term, a game that is more complete and playable like legacy?

As one example, there is nothing on the trello boards that indicates that they will fix and improve the key system, and add other tiers of locks. I am sure they will do this at some point, (they have said they will at some point add tiers) but:

Given the amount of negative feedback on the current key system, is FB planning on giving us - in the near future - a system that will make gameplay better? And I know they have a ton of bug-type issues to address now - but they can still plan out their priorities - and share a bit about them with us.

I read something about combat physics on it last night, I read about a bunch of gameplay features…

You can see their priorities on trello. Do you need them to come and say it here?

also, the number of threads, posts, feeds etc demanding feedback from the devs is pretty huge. if they respond personally to every thread, that demand will increase even further, and mostly have them repeating themselves.

personally i’d rather wait for devblogs to see what they have worked on this week, than have them spoon feed me what they are going to work on, then have people whinge about how long it is taking them to do it.