Question to Moderation, about make my Modelling Thread.

Hi guys, I have a question for the moderation. I hope that anyone can answer me, or just a veteran user who knows all the rules.

It’s about make my Modelling Thread, I’m making playermodels for CS:GO, you can see this thread and I know that in this forum we can see models extract, ports to gmod, and request’s… but I don’t know if is possible make this thread here? It’s just for share to more ppl. And yeah, maybe I can help/accept ideas about that.

I’ll update it little by little, with interesting models, and other things. So this will not be an abandoned post or something like that.

If someone can tell me if it is possible, and there will not be any problem, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.

All request threads, work in progress threads, release threads, and so on are generally welcome. What’s usually not allowed is discussing illegal warez, bumping extremely old threads without at least having an acceptable reason, and the usual stuff such as no flaming, arguing and so on. Models based around porn and fandoms are usually allowed but are generally frowned upon.