Question to Server owners using Oxide...

Curious if the current version has options with Oxide to where you can set limitations with Blueprint/Weapon spawning and if so,
what is the current default setting for spawn rates.
As well, can bp’s for explosives and timed charge bp’s be regulated (what are the default settings at,can you limit the amount?)

Just check plugin BetterLoot.

Thanks, I understand that is a plug in,but I am looking for default settings


Dood…you must not be reading. I understand where you are going but this “manual” does not have ANY reference to what is the default listing.
I am not looking to build a server, I am not looking for a modification to a server.
So, to clarify, this is my Question…What is the default setting for a fresh server running Oxide.
I am looking for a LIST of default server settings on blueprint spawns.

Wait, isn’t the default under Oxide exactly the same as a vanilla server?

I don’t know, I’m just looking for a list

Default server with oxide is the same as a vanilla server. Oxide allows you to add plugins which will add various types of functionality or change things that previously exist in the game. The closest thing you will find to a list that shows what you’re looking for is probably this:

Other than that, I’ve been running a server for a good 2 years now and I’ve never seen a definitive list of blueprint/item spawns. Also, why would you want to know this anyway? It’s not like it could possibly improve your game play.

you’ll probably find that the default spawning odds have not been released, and tweaked regularly enough that it’s not worth trying to figure them out.

Actually it does and it can be for anyone.
If a server has a limited spawn rate on wipe day (again, I’m not a current server owner and I’m not even sure if oxide has this,tis the reason I asked) and we players know the limited amounts,it is an all out barrel / radtown slugfest until those bp’s are learned.
Whomever wins the combo timed/exp bp’s (if there are limits to how many are spawned) ultimately they will reign supreme for the week.
The reason I have asked is that I have noticed the past three to four wipes on the server I play on that an extremely limited few have these bp’s. Like maybe 2 people on a 50 person server.
This past wipe, I was one of the lucky ones who got both. And the talk about how limited C4 was got me thinking that the rare items could be itemized on a server or with using oxide.
Im guessing by reading the last few replies that this isn’t even general information?