Question towards the experienced E2 people around.

Well, I recently found an E2 code called “Badger’s Helicopter Chip”. By the length of the code, I thought it’s a pretty good one so I gave it a try. But I noticed the chip doesn’t properly work with the new clientside cam anymore which means, the chip will not pitch, roll and yaw accordingly as it did before the clientside cam update.
Since the original creator of this chip doesn’t seem to play GMod anymore, I’m asking if anyone has the chip himself and/or is willing to fix it up for the clientside cam, or tell me how it can be fixed up.

Problem is, I’m a pure hologram artist who never managed to understand applyForce in the slightest way, no matter the guides and tutorials I used…

I have never seen the code for that specific chip, but most old cams were set up in the same way, either by parenting it to a hologram and rotating the hologram instead of the camera, or by constantly setting the camera’s position and direction.

The new way is to check the appropriate clientside boxes in the cam tool, and use it like this:

if (first()) {
	Cam["Position", vector] = vec(0,0,0)
	Cam["Distance", number] = 200
	Cam["Parent", entity] = Entity	

Cam["Activated", number] = Active

Thanks, I will put this to a use and see what I can do with it on the old code. If you are interested, I got you the link from the Wiremod forums about it:

Offtopic but what is E2 exactly?

Quicktip: Length of code is not a good indicator of functionality/optimization. How well the code works and how many ops it runs, on the other hand…

When I looked at the code, it looked kinda messy to me. Not sure what others think of it though.