*question* when bot get killed Logic_relay trigger (how i can make something like this)

how i can make something like this when bot get killed by player or something else example trigger_hurt then logic_relay trigger

NPC’s have an output called OnDead.

Also next time try the question mega thread(s).

i’m not using npcs i’m using bots.

I don’t believe so. If you’re using garrysmod you could code it in lua.

I’m trying to do something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EXU7nSo2R4 0:35 secound when last sniper gets killed message appear.I’m making tf2 map on start 5 bots spawn. When all bots get killed then 5 more bots spawn. I have no idea how to make 5 bots spawn after killing all bots.

Seems like they are using a trigger_multiple, set with a filter_activator_class inside of the box. Then firing a touchtest input every second via a timer. so it would be

for the logic_timer
Then for the trigger_multiple
OnNotTouching|message|show| or something like that.