Question : WIll there be female models in RUST? Also will they actually be naked? O.o

Now, I understand that this game is in very early Alpha, and I’ve been following it pretty closely, and I was just wondering two things regarding models . 1. Will there be male AND female models for rust. and 2. Are they really going to be naked, like in that thread with the model of the naked dude?

this is definitely a question that is of the utmost importance to the development of Rust and the community as a whole

Every horny "ima kill them all " is gonna play female model then. Please no. Or make the female model ugly and fat with hairy vagina stinking like fish mixed with cottage cheese

People will just sit and fap instead of actually playing the game.

Sounds good to me

I’d like to see how you’d implement a smell into the game.

Or would all male characters get the “Hungry” status when they stand near? Or maybe “Bleeding” and your screen turns red.

That would be OP as fuck, but halarious

Every 4 days the female characters should start bleeding.

You don’t know much about females do you

Bleeding, but your strength is increased along with speed.

Not sure how zombies should react. Run to you for the blood, flee when they see you.

Every game someone wants a female model. I dont know why, but i never like it when they do.
Somethings not right…

I know thats its just a few female gamers here…

There shouldn’t be a problem seeing most of us are “18+”.

Ahaha, that’s a funny joke, I mostly lurk, but I bet no more than 1/2 of the newcomers are over 18.

Hah, that’s a good one.

i thought people just asked these questions ironically

10%, max

I thought I was being generous, but not that generous. Inevitably you are probably right.

Okay, NOW I’m interested in getting a Rust key.

pfft, i’ll stick with my big muscly nude female dragon prosititution mods in skyrim, sorry

When this game goes to bull release, inb4 parents complain about nude bodies for a rated M game.