Question With Respect To Player and Physics Prop Blocking Brushes

Game-Mode: Trouble in Terrorist Town

What I plan to accomplish

I wish to create a single brush capable of the following:

  • Able to completely prevent players and physics related props from penetrating through it.
  • Cannot parent/hang rag doll props to it
  • Cannot attach/plant C4 to it

What I have tried:

Option 1

  • Using the tools\invisible texture on a brush and then creating a func_wall entity out of the brush.

Problem with Option 1

  • Rag doll objects are able to penetrate through the brush with enough force from a player’s magneto-stick.

Option 2

  • Using the tools\clip texture on a brush and then creating a func_clip_vphysics entity out of the brush.
  • Creating a second brush textured with the tools\invisible texture and semi-overlapping the first brush with it.

**Problem with Option 2

  • Although physics objects can no longer penetrate the func_clip_vphysics brush, a player can still penetrate through it and easily plant a C4 on the second brush
    that is semi-overlapping the first brush.
    Other Notes:
  • This brush will be pentrating through other brushwork such as func_detail brushes and world brushes. If a solution is offered, it must not interfere with VVIS calculations or VRAD ray cast lighting.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Ragdolls are able to go through every brush entity.

You could always add a trigger_remove to remove any object that enters the brush.

As mentioned in the very first post, the func_clip_vphysics brush seemed to block ragdolls quite well. However to additionally block players, a secondary brush would fix this issue but at the cost of offering itself as a c4 plantable surface.

The trigger_remove entity wouldn’t be very practical in this very specific circumstance since c4’s planted by players would be immediately removed and could not be retrieved. The idea is to prevent players from being able to plant at all whilst maintaining their equipment.

Any other tips?

Well if you provided a picture of a location we could be more helpful, I mean we don’t know anything really about the situation. Is it in a corridor, an open area, etc.

Is it to cover parts of the map so only certain places can be bombed like CSS bombsites or what?

If you explain your problem thoroughly we can be more helpful.

This would be a brush set as a boundary between the “playable” and “non-playable” areas in an outdoor environment based map. Players are not expected to cross this boundary nor are physics objects expected to leave it as well. Additionally, due to the unique features of the Trouble in Terrorist Town gamemode, traitors are able to plant C4 onto world brushes. Any non-world brush (ie: Any brush tied to an entity) with the exception of the func_detail entity can not be used as surface for any C4.

The non-playable area contains detailed geometry and prop-based details however players are unable to enter into this area due to the brush I am wishing to create with the parameters outlined in the first post.

Below is an image detailing the scenerio.

I apologise for any confusion and hope this serves as a method to reduce any ambiguity that may be present.

If you need any further details, please let me know.

Have you tried a clip brush?

The clip brush isn’t solid to Physics objects. It would also serve as a surface for the C4. I couldn’t use this.

Have a func_clip_vphysics with a trigger_teleport?

Could you elaborate more on your idea? How would I utilize the func_clip_vphysics and the trigger_teleport together efficiently?

You said players could clip through the func_clip_vphysics.

In such a case they would touch the trigger_teleport and be teleported to wherever you set the destination.

I feel as though you may have misinterpreted my preferred design parameters. I’m looking to construct a static barrier, not a teleporter. When players touch this brush that I want to design, their movement is obstructed. I do not want any physics objects or players to be teleported, just simply blocked. Just to reiterate my point, there are three distinct parameters in total I want to enforce:

  1. Block players
  2. Block Physics Objects
  3. Prevent Players from planting C4

I hope this helps.

You could always make the outside (not playable area) a 3d skybox, or can you stick the bomb on the skybox texture?

To my knowledge, Bombs cannot be placed on the skybox texture world brush. However, as mentioned before, this brush will be intersecting through various brush geometry and models.

Have you tried putting a thin playerclip texture on top, then a vclip trigger undeath? The vclip stops ragdolls and physics objects from falling through, and last time I checked you can’t place a C4 on a playerclip (but you can on a normal clip).

If that doesn’t work, Option 1 sounds like the least troublesome option. Ragdolls only fall through SOME of the time.