So, since last friday i havent play much of this game since it was still a browser game, so im curious as to how patches go, like does it wipe every patch, or only on major patches? obviously the server could restart whenever, but im more just looking for how patches work.

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It’s a standard patch process. Dev branch is updated frequently and then major patches are rolled out to all servers. As a server admin you must manually stop and use SteamCMD update to grab the latest patch. You can only join servers that have the same version as your client, so both client and server need to update through steam to play the latest version. If you have any experience with CS/TF servers it is pretty much the same structure. The server has yet to wipe on me when applying the last patch but the dev team can most likely “force” a wipe on updated servers depending on the patch for example changing the craft system or building changes that would require a wipe.