Question !

Hello its would be nice to sée in thé future à group system in rust and also to revive his teammate ! possible ? sorry bad english lol:wink:

Nice idea, but I seriously doubt it would happen. Healing a not already dead team mate yes, but reviving no.

(just for clarity, i presume he means the general mechanic of being “downed” rather than revival from actual death, ala COD, Borderlands etc. so when you get to 0 hp, fall over, and slowly bleed out. if another player helps you , you can be “revived”, if they attack you, you “die”.)

could work, but currently people just respawn back at base and come back for revenge and their gear, so death has little meaning. maybe if they remove fixed respawn it would be a good idea, and require say a medkit/syringe for each revival.

Grouping systems will not be added to Rust. Organize your own group. Give them all a specific set of clothing as a uniform and teach them the secret password.

Íntèrêstïng ídëá. I like it.