Okay, so I got a question for you guys.

I’ve downloaded a lot of addons and such for G-Mod so I don’t know exactly what I installed that made my game do this, however, I downloaded some weapon or weapon package that added a scrip that I guess is supposed to make looking through a scope more realistic? You know the crosshair sway that the Call of Duty series has, where you have to hold shift to steady the gun.

Well my G-Mod does this now only on scoped weapons when looking down the scope, and its not just a little movement, Its A LOT. Its so bad you cant even shoot a sniper rifle at anyone trying to aim because it looks like someone with epilepsy is trying to shoot the gun. And it only does it with scoped guns. It could be the CS guns, guns I added. But the crossbow thats defaultly given to you doesn’t do it. So how do I get rid of the movement?

Any one have any ideas or insight other than ‘Delete G-mod and reinstall all your mods until you figure out which one did it.’?

Has this happened to anyone before? Does anyone have a fix for it or know which addon did it so I can delete it?


Consult the maker of that swep pack in order for him to get it fixed, other than that you could check the “readme” file in order to find a command that sets how much movement, or sway as we call it, there is on the scopes.

Alright. Thank you.