im trying to join a game and i get this map error saying i don’t have the map and the map is name of game
any advice on how to fix?

what map is it?

It doesn’t matter

When you join a server and you do not have the same map as the server you will most likely get a message that says “Disconnected: Missing map <map name>”. You can simply fix the problem by taking the name of whatever map you are missing and doing a google search or a search and download the map yourself.


Join server
Disconnected: Missing Maps gm_freespace2008 Search “gm_freespace2008”
Download the file and place in your addons folder if you see an “info.txt” file inside the folder OR, move the gm_freespace2008.bsp (and gm_freespace2008.nav if you have it) into your garrysmod/maps folder.
Rejoin the server
and Enjoy