Questions about AHK

i was wondering if anyone could give an updated definitive answer, or as well defined as possible, to what is allowed in AHK (if anything).

i was thinking about getting it again because ive been playing path of exile lately again and remembered that after a few k hours into rust my windows bricked and i had to reinstall everything and at that point i wasnt playing anything other than rust really so i had no reason to get macros again for POE (i only use the macros that are allowed in POE), my question is that if i were to use AHK would i get banned for that? i was looking around for a few hours and there seems to either be mixed information or no current that i could find.

basically my question is, will i be banned simply for having AHK running? if not and i only get banned for certain scripts then generally what types of scripts should be safe, is it anything not involving moving the mouse automatically? any help with this would be appreciated as i have almost 5k hours in this game and have seen a lot of posts of people saying they’ve been banned for AHK but were not using it for recoil scripts but at the same time are fairly dubious in their credibility. i tried looking for a definitive answer for over 2 hours and honestly couldnt tell.

again, any help would be appreciated as im really just looking for clarification on this topic.