Questions about bannable offenses (combat logging)

So i was chasing down this guy, “jackcool” just not too long ago, i shot some rounds at him and he shot one back, indicating he knew i was there, then all of the sudden, he stopped running and disconnected.

Now im not sure if you can be banned for combat logging, but it seems that it is something worthy of it.

I dont want to be a rat, but it just pisses you off when youre in a gunfight and the other person logs out.

I was logging off for the night. Killed you and left, then ran off to some random location to log off.

You killed my buddy so i jumped down and started running after you, you had turned around and saw me, then you logged off.

Whatever, i dont want to start an argument. maybe you didnt see me

Kind of a petty thing to ban for, and at the end of the day almost impossible to reasonably moderate.

The most obvious solution if it were to become an offense would be to ban a player if he or she disconnects within x time of taking player damage, but that would result in a bunch of false positives when a player loses connection or their client crashes. Inherently problematic and, I think, not really something worth banning somebody over.

Its not a petty thing, its FUCKING annoying when someone just exits their game to escape battle.

So by your logic its perfectly fine to just alt f4 out of the game whenever someone starts shooting at you, or when you start getting on the loosing end of the gunfight?

Just drop it.

Could just make it so your player is still there for 10-15ish seconds after logging out.

Of course it’s somewhat dishonorable given that there are certain unspoken rules to the play experience and I can see how it could be annoying.

But it’s not worth banning somebody given the fact that there’s no efficient way to monitor the situation for distribution of bans.

Jackool’s suggestion makes much more sense

Ricky23 no one likes you

It may be annoying, but it isn’t something someone should be banned for. That’s just ridiculous, lol.


all you people must be combat loggers if you think that it being a bannable offense is wrong

If you get d/c’d during a fight and get falsely banned you wouldn’t want this would you?

there should be a count for each player to see how many times they logged out during combat

Well combat logging should not be bannable, because it happens alot. They should add a system that after you have got hit, you are able to disconnect after x minutes or something.

So what happens if we are in the middle of a gun fight and our internet dies or the power goes off. Should we get banned for that?

There is no way of telling if the user did it on purpose or not. Thus it should never be a bannable offence.

What I believe is that we all just have to trust one another on that point, and be a bit optimistic.

Sure, you didn’t kill him sence he logged out, but…

HE didn’t kill YOU either :slight_smile:

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Also, here is my solution.

If you’ve been interacting with another creature for the past X seconds (dealing damage, taking damage) you leave a “Fake You” (for X seconds) on logout wich can be killed and looted.

If you haven’t been interacting with anything thoug, you just log out as normal.

I don’t know how this would work sence I havent actually played the game yet, but for me it sounds like a fully functional system.

The solution for this is so simple. Just have the character go into a ‘rest’ position for 20 seconds or so before logging out. Nobody needs to or should be banned for this.

Was just about to make a rage thread about this, at least i can cool off now.

This is pointless, your not meant to be playing like that and whining like a little bitch. Your apart of an Alpha, so ALPHA TEST!

What? im playing the damn game but when little shits combat log, it makes it less fun. Theyre the little bitches