Questions about Car Tunning system...

Hi all,
So i’m still in developpement of my gamemode, and this time, no problems, just questions :

  • So when you spawn a TDMCar in singleplayer (sandbox), you can edit the bodygroup in context menu. How can i perform these actions by code (no gui) ?
  • I want to display speed of the current vehicle in my hud. How can i get the actual entity speed ?
  • I want to save the player’s vehicle’s tuning, how can i do it by JSon ? If it’s possible. To explain more about save :
    - The saved file needs to be named player’s steam id
    - Each part of the file needs to be named as vehicle’s ID
    - Each part must contains entry “COLOR”, entry “MODELS” and entry “LIGHTS”
    How can i define a JSon like that with gmod lua ?

Remember that i’m basing my gamemode on nothing it’s base is just “base” gamemode, so theres no sandbox.

Well… there is something close to what your saying about - Each part must contains entry “COLOR”, entry “MODELS” and entry “LIGHTS”. But it works as attachments, Which the modeler/animator will put bones done for you. And then you use the bones, and tell what the code to do with the bone. Example:
exhaust out of the little pipes at the end of cars. Well… Anywas enjoy!

I would post this on CodeHire and get someone to do it for you. If you do not want to do that i would suggest studying other gamemodes (PERP would be a good start since it has a strong focus toward vehicles)

No no and no !!! If i want already coded things, i would never post here !!! So I repeat again : If You want to give me finished codes then GO AWAY !

So, i advanced largely on the subject : Saving system done ! Vehicles can now be colored by saved files. You can even set color from a NPC ingame.

It rest now one question : What function can set bodygroups for TDMCars ?

This is not a “give me code” forum. Post it on CoderHire.

Are you stupid ?! I said that you wanted to ask coderhire, i just tell you that i D’ONT WANT ANY ALREADY MADE CODES !!

So again i ask : What function (or library) can be used to set a TDMCar’s bodygroup ?

Use Entity:SetBodygroup

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