Questions about cubemaps

Questions about re-building cubemaps after renaming

I wanted to make a few changes to one of my maps, which I did by just editing the entities with EntSpy. I lost the original vmf, so I re-named the map instead for a new version, since the original version’s bsp is already in use by servers.

Is it possible to fix cubemaps for a re-named map with VIDE in any way?

I’ve been trying to follow the instructions in How to build working cubemaps after the Steam Pipe update, but it doesn’t appear to be working. Is it possible to successfully re-build cubemaps for a re-named map?

You could always extract them from the BSP file and then replace them and repack

Tools required:
Map Analyst(Version 2.6)

I’ve tried repacking the various c-368_-144_264.vtf cubemap files with VIDE under the new map name (eg materials/maps/de_dust_new) but it doesn’t appear that the reflections are working properly, even though reflections are showing with weapon_cubemap.

Does anybody have any further advice for me, or specifics on what to do? At the moment if I delete any of the .vtf files, the map breaks so I just add in the cubemap files under the new bsp directory name along with the same cubemap files under the original bsp directory name.

What you need to do is:

  1. Compile the map.
  2. Use packrat to delete the .vtfs (NOT the .vmts) of the cubemaps
  3. Run the map in the game
  4. Disable cubemaps (mat_specular 0)
  5. Build the cubemaps (buildcubemaps in the console)
    5.5) Restart the map in HDR mode and build the cubemaps again if you want HDR cubemaps.
  6. Quit the game to the desktop and relaunch the game and load the map, you should now have cubemaps.

Once you relaunch the game, you may have to mat_specular 1 to enable cubemaps again because some games don’t re-enable it by default.