Questions about demo replaying and the DEM format

Hello guys,

I do a bit of SrcDemo2 demo rendering for runs done on Bunny Hop servers, for this I set host_framerate to 1800 so that it replays it very slowly.
This has always worked out perfectly fine but recently (since an update, I guess) demos started to stutter when playing them back with playdemo, regardless of what the host_framerate is set to actually (it even does it on 0).

Does anyone have experience with this and/or knows an easy way to fix it? Re-installing GMod? I don’t think anyone else I know gets this issue when replaying a demo.

Now, because this is happening and I want to go for either a proper fix for this and not just reloading the demo until it’s smooth, I thought about creating a DEM file manually to get even smoother plays.
The players that I record are bots, and those bots are being controlled by the server based off coordinates and angles provided by a .txt file.
There are about 100-300 frames per second recorded here, so this is definitely more frames than a DEM usually has since it runs on 10 or 33 tick (not sure which).

Would it be possible to remake the network packets from the DEM format and control the the view of the player based on these position vectors and eye angles?
Could the DEM format handle >33 tick? Has anyone seen something like this pass before? Is it a stupid idea to try and do this?

Any ideas or feedback is welcome.

Does this happen when using the client version (.bat file from your tut) as well?
This happened to me so I just used the .bat file, never failed.

After I start my PC, open Steam and start GMod, it also does it. Regardless of what programs I have open, regardless of the framerate. On some occasions (99% of them now…) it’ll stutter, the other will go just fine.
I have to say though, when using the CLI, chances are a lot lower, so I’ll stick to that then.

As for the DEM format, any experts have any thoughts/info on that?