Questions about FastDL, downloads.txt and resource.AddFile:

Ive got everything working for the most part, but i feel like ive set up a few things incorrectly. (Or at least, I dont know if I’ve set them up efficiently).

Currently I add every swep icon, model and sound i add to the server, to downloads.txt.
Is this necessary/excessive?
Also, Ive had to add some models to my resource.AddFile lua script to make the models show up without errors in game.

Whats the difference between adding a file to downloads.txt, and adding it to the resource.AddFile script?

Finally, I have FastDL set up and running, but im not sure if theres more i can do to speed it up.
Ive read about zipping files into .bzip to speed up the download, but im confused as to how to do it.

Should i just zip the files, and place them right back where they were in the server folder structure and delete the original files?

Thanks for any help, i know the answers to these questions are probably obvious to some of you but im just starting out here.

  • Greave

Dont know about downloads.txt but you should just use addFile.

Bzipping. You get your fastdl content and convert it, you delete the original and replace it with the compressed content.


You have sound/sound.wav

You have done resource.AddFile to it and you have fastdl setup like:


What you can do is speed download up by bzipping sound.wav. When you have sound.wav.bzip2, you replace the content with bzipped files so the fastdl would look like this: sound/sound.wav.bzip2

Even if you do resource.AddFile(“sound/sound.wav”) it will download bzipped version.

Instead of adding all files to downloads.txt you could use something like this: which will automatically add all content that is placed in the gamemode/content/ folder as well as addons, etc… No need to ever update any file, it’ll recursively go through the files and ensure they are added correctly each time…

FastDL setup is easy but it is also incredibly easy to miss something which can cause the files to appear as though they are downloading each time you connect ( connection failed, ie file not found ) or the files download once but aren’t found when the materials are loaded ( downloaded to incorrect folder ), etc… Here’s a setup guide:

I recommend using both of these together. Additionally, test the fastdl yourself on your local machine using SRCDS:

Awesome, thanks for the help! Finally got everything working correctly.