Question's about greenscreening in Vegas...

Yo people.

I know how to green screen and stuff, my problem is, is that when i greenscreen a video, there is an annoying black square, which is the “green” i tried to “screen” but not 100% transparent, i don’t know how to remove this…
Equally, there is a cut off at the top and bottom, resizing the overlaying video doesn’t work, it is as if it is in a box that it cannot be bigger than…

Hope i’m making sense,
Didn’t know where else to post this…



sorry for the late reply, I’ll get them now :wink:

Basically, thats me resizing the video( NOT ZOOMING - my bad with the typing), and as you can see, there is a border as to where the video cannot be stretched past…

any ideas?

Thank you

You mean you can faintly see the outline of the green area, even after using chroma key?

Just play with the threshold (I think it is), tinker with the settings a bit, you can get rid of it, just don’t pull the threshold too high or else you’ll start making the zombie transparent.

Oh and as for resizing the video to make that portion visible, click the pan and crop icon on right side of the video clip you have placed on the timeline, a window will pop-up, once again tinker with the settings on the left side, I forget which button it is, but one of the window options will allow you to freely transform the frame box (the box around the video with the big “F” in the middle). You want to extend the frame box vertically so it doesn’t cut off the top.

Hope this helps you, send me an inbox message if you need more help, I’ll hop on Vegas and give you a detailed explanation if you can’t follow this.

That happens because your greenscreened video does not have the same aspect ratio as the full project size

Right, thanks you very much, seem’s to have done the trick… Seem’s silly of me for asking now xD

Thanks ;D