questions about hl2dm respawning weapons

how do I make weapons respawn at a normal interval in a map? I need to do this for an actual hl2dm map and a gmod map that I’m making, so if there’s a difference to either I would really appreciate both tuts on how to do this. I’ve been looking through the hammer wiki and I really want to finish the map soon.

I’m pretty sure you just use the regular weapon/item spawn entities and if one is picked up it will spawn back in a minute or whatever the regular time is. I made a HL2DM map before for my friends and I and that was all I did and they worked fine.

well that’s good to know, at least fro the hl2dm map that im working on can be finished XD

(i’m kinda on a schedule for the hl2dm map, which i’m cutting it close to)