Questions about HTML and PHP


Im curious on learning HTML / PHP for making loadingscreens for Gmod.
I have not found any good sites that can get me to the right direction or what so ever.

I just need to learn from baby steps.

I mostly want to know these things:

  • Where do you need PHP, HMTL and Javascript for.
  • Steam ID, Profile Pic etc.
  • Map name, gamemode etc.
  • Loading bar / circle
  • Config (So people can customize their own rules etc.)

Thanks in advance

For the things you want to do, you don’t need PHP, only HTML, CSS and Javascript.

HTML is the barebones of your loading screen, think of it as the structuring of your webpage. CSS is what makes the structuring actually look good. Further positioning, colours, shapes, all of that is CSS. Javascript is what would be used to grab the SteamID, profile picture, mapname, gamemode, loading bar progress etc. You could have a javascript config file.

If you were to use PHP it could be used for the mapname, steamid, profile picture and config file as well. The loading bar will have to be javascript no matter what.

The Garry’s Mod wiki does have some directions on this topic:

Thanks for your help. I will take a look at it!